Alioth changes

Enrico Zini enrico at
Wed Nov 8 21:05:11 CET 2006


after the recent Alioth reorganization, the old web interface at and
isn't working anymore.

I don't intend to resurrect it: it's code that I don't intend to
maintain anymore.

Instead, I've finally implemented submission in the new Ajax editor:

Submitted tags are logged and remembered by the daemon.

I still need to implement sending them to erich's packagebrowser, but at
this point it should just just be a matter of shell scripting.  Nothing
I can do today or in the next 3/4 days, however, since I'll be busy with
a conference and my job.

Step after this is moving the mail submission interface to Alioth.  I
wish.  Let's see how long it'll take...



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