A goal::* facet?

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Thu Nov 9 03:37:37 CET 2006

Enrico Zini wrote:
> I was chatting with people about ontologies and the like, and the idea
> came out of having goal macro-categories.
>   goal::ecommerce
>   goal::development
>   goal::development:gui
>   goal::development:web
>   goal::entertainment
>   goal::public-performance
>   ...
> The idea would be to categorise only the main trendy goals that people
> would have, and provide the broadest range of packages tagged for every
> goal.  Like, goal::development:web would provide at least all of LAMP,
> goal::entertainment would provide all games and multimedia player things,
> goal::public-performance would provide all synthesisers, multimedia
> editors and multimedia players, and so on.
> I drop it here.  From behind a bit ok alcohol it looks cool: let's think
> about it.

Well, here are some thoughts.

It's related to field::, most of which is scientific and academic

We could keep goal:: separate by emphasising the distinction between
goal::educational and ::research (and ::medical?) whereas field::
cares about the subject of the research/education.

Actually this would make goal::development:* something of a misfit,
in that the "goal" is (sort of) the same regardless of whether the
"field" is GTK or AJAX! 

goal::commercial (or ::profit... anyway, not just online shopping)

What kind of public-performance software would this be?  Is this
performing-arts?  (Again, cf field::arts)

goal::entertainment ("::fun") works okay; with optional
subcategories (here or elsewhere) for multimedia, games, and generic
computer-assisted timewasting (eg blogging)...

goal::admin, system-maintenance, whatever...

goal::communication (mail, IM...)

goal::practical - stuff Your Hypothetical Aunt Tilly would actually
find useful in real life, after turning off the computer: printing
out letters, pulling photos off a digital camera, burning CDs...
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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