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I've read your e-mails the last two days and I saw that you have some
questions about certain classes from the ITerating "tree". I hope this
info below helps:


Event automation tools automate the response of the system to
nonscheduled system and application events (included are global event
management applications and console automation products). 
For example the Tivoli TEC Event Monitor ( ).

Job scheduling tools manage the flow of work on systems. This category
includes batch job schedulers and workload balancing applications
working at the application (rather than system) level.
For example the Tidal Enterprise Job Scheduler (

Output management tools automate the production, distribution and
management of computer-generated information. 
For example Computer Associates Dispatch Output Management ( )

Performance management software is used for capacity planning,
performance data collection, performance tracking and simulation. 
A good example would be BMC's Patrol (,,0_0_0_2001,
ml )

Software Configuration Management Tools are used by application
development organizations to provide software revision control and
versioning capabilities. More sophisticated functions, such as process
management, change request tracking, requirements management, and
distributed team development support, may also be included.
For example IBM Rational ClearCase( )

Enterprise Connectivity includes software that enables devices to
exchange, modify, and/or present network data.
For example EXTRA! From Attachmate
lation/Extra/ )

Source & Site Protectors refer to software that encodes websites to help
protect against code and design theft (preventing text from being
selected, blocking right mouse clicks from displaying menus).
For example PageLockWebsite Copy Protection from Multimedia Australia ( )

Threat Management Software represents software that is designed for
enterprises and it's a separate class in the Iterating product class
tree because it consists of multi-function appliances that feature AV,
IDS/IPS, content filtering etc.

Secure Content Management represents software used to screen and exclude
from access or availability web pages or e-mail that is deemed
objectionable. It is usually used in companies to protect against
transmission confidential information. 
For example eTrust Secure Content Manager (

Third-Generation Language Tools are software development tools used
specifically for third-generation languages, such as FORTRAN, COBOL,
BASIC, Pascal and C (they refer to IDEs).
A good example is Jbuilder from Borland ( )

Software Construction Components are functionally specific software
subassemblies and libraries sold apart from a programming development
environment that may or may not be designed to be used with a specific
programming development environment. 
For example class libraries, frameworks, ActiveX controls, Java applets,
JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, DLLs, and other forms of API-specific



We are open minded to any suggestions in building the class tree. You
have a lot of experience in classifying the Debian Packages so we really
do appreciate your constructive comments. 


Justin : "Sorry if I'm boring you iterators". I'm a "neverbored"
iterator :).


Enrico thank you for reporting the bug with the missing link. The empty
page is now fixed:




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