E-mail submission moved to Alioth

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Mon Nov 20 18:45:35 CET 2006


I've adapted Erich's script to handle e-mail tag patch submissions to
work on Alioth with debtagsd.

I tested it a bit and it seems to work.

Hence, I switched the enrico-debtags at debian.org forward destination to
the alioth address instead of the vitavonni address.

As a bonus, mail submissions are now tagged with their from address, so
they are much easier to review.


Erich, you can now set up a .forward at vitavonni.

It's almost all perfect except for this detail:
the debtags using the new submission address causes gcc to segfault on
ARM.  The arm people have been contacted.

Until this is fixed, debtags cannot move to testing/etch.

I won't have time to fix it for at least a week: I'm doing lots of work
today because I know that in the next days I'll be busy with work and



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