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Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Sat Nov 25 10:51:18 CET 2006

On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 11:15:49PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:

> On http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/edit.html:
> Meanwhile on http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/todo.html there's an
> obvious <./p> and the following errors:

It should all be fixed: try now.

> > I'm not very sure what you mean with neighbours in "dpkg-list-space".
> The package's "neighbours" in an old-style dpkg -l, or aptitude
> listing; I always used to go through debtags-edit in alphabetical
> order... I can use
>  apt-cache --generate pkgnames | sort |  grep -C5 ^xfonts-foo
> ... then find how they're tagged (assuming my local tag-data is up
> to date), and then find those tags in the editor and add them, but
> that's not much fun compared to the magic tag-guesser!

Right.  For cases like xfonts-foo it's indeed useful.  Doing this as a
generic tool, I fear that it could encourage other people to give the
same tags to all libfoo*, where it doesn't usually make sense.

I'll try to come up with some alternatives to see if I get near to what
you're needing:

 * grep-aptavail -sPackage,Tag -P xfonts

   This would give you the tags as well as the package names, but it'd
   use the data in the Packages file which is not necessarily up to date
   (at least not until the procedure for updating it changes).

 * debtags cat | grep ^xfont

   Much better, this would give you packages and tags, and depending on
   what you have in /etc/debtags/sources.list, it could be the most
   recent data on Alioth.  It's probably a worth alternative to your
   line above.

 * This would do some auto tagging, with the advantage of automating the
   boring tasks:

   for pkg in apt-cache pkgnames | grep ^xfonts-thai
  	debtags tag add $pkg made-of::data:font x11::font culture::thai

   The place for scriptlets like this is actually autodebtag:

    1. Check out svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debtags/autodebtag/trunk
    2. cd ad-plugins
    3. Have a look at the existing scripts: most are very simple shell
    4. Add your own.  In the xfonts-thai case above:
       #!/bin/bash -ue
       OUT=${1:?"Usage: $0 outfile"}
       for pkg in apt-cache pkgnames | grep ^xfonts-thai
  	    echo "$pkg: +made-of::data:font, +x11::font, +culture::thai >> $OUT
       exit 0
    5. Run autodebtag:
       ./autodebtag2 > patch
       debtags submit patch



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