role::devel-lib vs. role::shared-lib

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Thu Nov 30 09:19:03 CET 2006


> > Ok, looking at it seems like
> > role::shared-lib is the way to go. If you agree, I will updated the wiki
> > (which still mentions role::sw:shlib).
> As I understand it,
> role::shared-lib =
> 	"libfoo": run-time dependencies, usually full of .so files
> role::devel-lib =
> 	"foo-dev" build-time dependencies, usually full of .h files
> libfoo-dev packages are usually role::devel-lib, but may be
> metapackages or the like.
I have spent some time updating the wiki DebTaggingGuidelines. However,
I believe we should remove that page, now that tagging tips are
available from The wiki
page was totally outdated, contradicting some of the things the new
tagging tips were saying.  Otherwise we get a redundancy. 
For the tag/facet related tagging tips from the wiki, I would suggest to
provide an additional field in the vocabulary. 
        Tagging-Hint: <something>
I think having the information collected in a single file helps to
maintain consistency.

Regards Ben

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