Installing the whole set of scientific packages

Andreas Tille tillea at
Mon Feb 12 19:11:15 CET 2007

On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, Thomas Walter wrote:

>> Another very reasonable approach is debtagging the scientific
>> packages and use the features of debtags to install scientific
>> packages.
> Using debtags would be very helpfull for GUI and CLI tools.
> But I havn't seen these tags in the "available" file
> [/var/lib/dpkg/available].
> Maybe this has changed in the new frozen/unstable tree?

I hope that somebody of debtags-devel list might be able to
give a short summary about the possible usage of DebTags for the
purpose of "installing all scientific applications" as it was
requested in the thread starting at

I'm unfortunately not prepared to give a reasonable overview -
it is just on my agenda to learn more about DebTags.

Many thanks



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