role and devel tags for -dbg packages

Stephen Gran sgran at
Thu Jan 4 01:37:18 CET 2007

Hello all,

I maintain a couple of packages that produce -dbg binary packages
(stripped debugging symbols only, in case anyone is unfamiliar with
them).  I notice that right now there is no role:: or devel:: tag for
these sorts of packages, so I have temproarily tagged both as todo.

I think they probably deserve a tag of their own, as there are many of
these packages in the archive now, but as I am not an active debtags
participater, I don't have the background to come up with something that
merges cleanly in the existing framework.  I am sending this email in
the hopes that it generates a discussion.

I am not subscribed (and I most likely won't be able to generate much
input) but if you would like my feedback, or to poke me that tags have
been decided on, please cc: me.

Thanks all,
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