Tagging lmodern

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Sun Jul 1 18:19:59 UTC 2007

Justin B Rye <jbr at edlug.org.uk> wrote:

>> The request is for tags related to OpenType, since lmodern is provided
>> in OpenType format (as well as PostScript). Currently, for the
>> PostScript part, lmodern has works-with-format::postscript, but I think
>> it means that the font can be used conveniently in PostScript documents.
> In this context, presumably, yes.  And I suppose x11::font indicates
> that they also work with X.

They do (although some difficult pango or fontconfig bug (#403914) can
give us some "surprises" when chosing the font family).


> No, that's for (e.g.) -doc packages that include a documentation.ps
> file.


> Well, there's made-of::data:font, isn't there?  lmodern already has
> that tag in the Etch Packages file.

Right, it just doesn't say which kind of font we have.

> Anyway, why would users be looking for an OpenType font (as opposed
> to any other sort)?

Well, when looking for fonts for writing TeX documents, I usually look
for Type1 fonts because they are:
  - good for PDF files (as opposed to MetaFont fonts)
  - in general easy to use with TeX (as opposed to TrueType fonts, which
    are usually more tricky to make work with TeX).

But if you think so, I can admit this is too rare a need to warrant new

> If there were specific postscript and opentype tags, would there also
> be one for truetype, or what?

Yes (and I maybe truetype would imply opentype, because ISTR that
opentype is a superset of truetype, but I'd have to ask an expert to be
sure this is always correct...).

> The GIMP can put all sorts of fonts into all sorts of images, so I
> vote against giving fonts works-with tags on this basis.


> Debtags has trouble handling font packages like xfonts-cyrillic,
> since scripts don't really fit the culture:: facet.  So debtags may
> already need some extra tags (or even a facet) here - input from 
> font experts would be welcome.

I think this is a difficult problem, because sometimes, a given font
only covers some parts of a script...

If the number of fonts in the archive is more or less manageable for the
users (which may well be), then maybe this is not worth the trouble.

Thanks for your anwser.


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