New tags for biology and medicine.

Andreas Tille tillea at
Thu Sep 6 07:03:43 UTC 2007

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Benjamin Mesing wrote:

> Sorry, I can't really follow your thoughts here, do you vote against a
> fine-grained tagging?

For the moment and regarding the existing package set I do not think that the
proposed fine grained tagging is necessary.

> Advantages:
>      * clean separation
>      * you keep the full expressivity of the main vocabulary (i.e. you
>        can add tags into the other facets like works-with, made-of...)
> Disadvantages:
>      * additional administrative overhead for hosting the tag database
>      * additional overhead for users of this tag database, which must
>        be enabled one way or another
>      * tagging infrastructure must be provided (or happen centrally by
>        the Debian-med team)

This is exactly what I expected.  So I personally will not spend my time
into a separate DebTags set because the disadvantages are in my eyes by
far higher than the advantages.

> Sure, I am not saying that we actually *need* the level of detail there,
> but that eventually the same level of detail will arise in the other
> areas, which will bloat the vocabulary.

IMHO bloating the vocabulary is something we should definitely avoid.

Kind regards



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