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Sun Sep 9 23:29:43 UTC 2007

Hello all,

you've seen that has now debtags in it, both in
showing the list of tags and in showing a list of related packages.

If you have a look at, you'll also see a list of
suggested packages, and debtags comes into play, together with popcon,
when computing that, too.

Anthony Towns fixed the "automated byhand processing" system and now we
should have tag updates again.  However, somewhere it the processing all
the override lines containing curly braces are erroneously stripped, and
this removes tags from some packages (like apt) that would have them.

Towards the end of Debconf, after discussing with Justin, I put the
autotagger to work thanks to the idea of having it only throw tags at
packages that have the 'not-yet-tagged' tag[1].
Since that message, I've added to the autotagger some new ara rules[2]
and the Supermarket Engine itself[1], with a higher threshold.

I've added two tags to the vocabulary:

  Tag: field::religion
  Description: Religion
  (proposed by Daniel Glassey)

  Tag: uitoolkit::glut
  Description: GLUT
  (proposed by Miriam Ruiz and the games team)

There are messages proposing many more tags, including a very long list
of suggestions i got from Justin at Debconf, that I still need to go
through.  The process of adding tags might need some improvement.  Would
it make sense to open a bug on the 'debtags' package for every single
one proposed tag, so it can be handled using an issue tracker?  Maybe
subscribing the list to the bug activity of the 'debtags' package?  It
would be cool to have more than one person being able to say "this is
trivial, I'll add it right away" and close the bug.

If we want to avoid reports for 'debtags' bugs and vocabulary
submissions, I can ask for a virtual package in the BTS.




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