Committed tags for debian-med

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Fri Sep 14 17:15:31 UTC 2007


today I have commit the tags based on the suggested patch provided by
the debian-med project.

The diff is appended at the end of the e-mail. 

The changes should hit the main vocabulary in a day or two. 

Regards Ben

Index: debian-packages
--- debian-packages	(revision 2388)
+++ debian-packages	(working copy)
@@ -121,6 +121,36 @@
  where the current tag set is lacking.
+Facet: biology
+Description: Biology
+ How is the package related to the field of biology.
+Tag: biology::emboss
+Description: EMBOSS
+ Packages related to the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite.
+Tag: biology::format:aln
+Description: Clustal/ALN
+ Used in multiple alignment of biological sequences.
+Tag: biology::format:fasta
+Description: Fasta/Pearson
+ Very popular format for biological sequences.
+Tag: biology::format:nexus
+Description: Nexus
+ Popular format for phylogenetic trees.
+Tag: biology::nuceleic-acids
+Description: Nucleic acids
+ Software that works with sequences of nucleic acids: 
+ DNA, RNA but also non-natural nucleic acids such as PNA or LNA.
+Tag: biology::peptidic
+Description: Proteins
+ Software that works with sequences of aminoacids: peptides and proteins.
 Facet: culture
 Status: complete
 Nature: space
@@ -495,6 +525,18 @@
 Tag: field::biology
 Description: Biology
+Tag: field::biology:bioinformatics
+Description: Bioinformatics
+ Sequence analysis software.
+Tag: field::biology:molecular
+Description: Molecular biology
+ Software useful to molecular cloning and related wet biology.
+Tag: field::biology:structural
+Description: Structural biology
+ Software useful to model tridimentional structures.
 Tag: field::chemistry
 Description: Chemistry
@@ -521,6 +563,12 @@
 Tag: field::mathematics
 Description: Mathematics
+Tag: field::medicine
+Description: Medicine
+Tag: field::medicine:imaging
+Description: Medical Imaging
 Tag: field::physics
 Description: Physics
@@ -2173,6 +2221,10 @@
 Nature: energy
 Description: Purpose
+Tag: use::analysing
+Description: Analysing
+ Software for turning data into knowledge.
 Tag: use::browsing
 Description: Browsing
@@ -2182,6 +2234,10 @@
 Tag: use::checking
 Description: Checking
+Tag: use::comparing
+Description: Comparing
+ To find what relates or differs in two or more objects.
 Tag: use::compressing
 Description: Compressing

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