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Tue Oct 21 03:26:27 UTC 2008

Since my message got no answers yet I'll try to save you some work by
answering some parts myself.

I'll answer to myself this:

> Do the network::* tags make game::multiplayer:network redundant?

No, a game like X-Moto acts as a network client to download levels, but
doesn't allow playing through the network.

And a clarification before someone loses his/her precious time explaining
the very basic differences between tags and hierachies, when I said:

> game::fps would belong to something like game::action:shooter:fps
according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_genres and I agree

I should have said something like 'I would agree since traditional genres
are hierarchical'. The point is that I see huge problems in making genres
fit into debtags, which are not.

Now to add a bit of value to the message: In the previous message I used
'multiplayer' as an example for another approach, what about 'point of view
of the camera'?

game::camera:cenit / game::camera:highangle / game::camera:side /
game::camera:subjetive / game::camera:free

Traditionally the point of view of the camera has defined genres like
vertical shooter (cenit) vs horizontal shooter (side) vs first person
shooters (subjetive), they are basically the same idea just from a different
angle. A racing game with a subjetive camera and a racing game with cenital
view are diferent beasts, as is Scorched3D (free) vs traditional artillery
games (side).

On the other hand, sometimes the angle can be annoying and the user might
what to avoid it, board games with a high angle camera don't always work,
some Chess players prefer the cenital view when playing in the computer,
even in real life Go players might raise from their chairs to see the board
from top when the situation is complicated (just an example, no 3D Go games
in Debian)

In other cases it's just a cosmetic change that some users favour, a game
like Wesnoth follows the tradition of hexagonal board games, the most
noticeable difference between lincity-ng and lincity is a change in the
camera angle... In the good old Spectrum days 'isometric' (cheap high angle)
was treated as a category.

This alone won't allow to get rid of genres as a whole, but it will both
simplify the problem and add valuable information to some games whose genre
doesn't say anything about this (like chess).

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