Debtags localisation and font tags proposal

Enrico Zini enrico at
Thu May 28 22:31:39 UTC 2009


after an IRC discussion with Arne Goetje (Ubuntu i18n and l10n
engineer), we have worked out a proposal for new tags for font

New proposed facets:

  Facet: iso15924
  Description: Writing script
   (discussed in the other mail about replacing culture::*)

  Facet: font
  Description: Font

  Tag: font::style:serif
  Description: Serif style

  Tag: font::style:sans-serif
  Description: Sans-serif style

  Tag: font::style:monospace
  Description: Monospace style

  Tag: font::style:modulated
  Description: Modulated style

  Tag: font::style:unmodulated
  Description: Unmodulated style

  Tag: font::style:screen
  Description: Screen style
   These fonts have been designed to be used primarily on screens

  Tag: font::style:printing
  Description: Printing style

  Tag: font::style:calligraphy
  Description: Calligraphy style

  Tag: font::style:decorative
  Description: Decorative style

  Tag: font::style:symbol
  Description: Symbol style

  Tag: font::style:impaired
  Description: Visual impaired style
   Special style to help visual impaired users

  Tag: font::type:truetype
  Description: TrueType

  Tag: font::type:postscript
  Description: PostScript

  Tag: font::type:bitmap
  Description: Bitmap

  Tag: font::embedded-bitmaps
  Description: Contains embedded bitmaps

  Tag: font::hints
  Description: Hinted
   The font contains hints or instructions

font::type:* sounds like something that could go into made-of, but
made-of does not seem to currently be of the right granularity, so I
thought of putting those tags here for now.

To have a software that generate a list of suitable fonts for a user
would also require something more specific than tags. An example that
Arne made was of a font which contains latin and cyrilic characters, but
misses the special latin characters for Serbian.

Such a font would need to declare support for something like (iso639::sr
&& iso15924::Latn && iso15924::Cyrl && ! rfc4647::sr-Latn-SR), and tags
cannot be used to express that. This calls for a new debian/control
field for fonts, to be copied into the Packages file.



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