Where is the main database? & other questions about stale material

Jesse Weinstein jesse at wefu.org
Sun Oct 11 20:40:04 UTC 2009

I came across debtags recently, and have been looking into it (and
helping tag some packages), but have come across a lot of rather stale
material on the website (and wiki).  I fixed the reference to
made-of::lang: (rather than implemented-in::) on the wiki page; but I
haven't been able to figure out where the canonical tag database is now
stored (as vitavonni.de is down (and has been for years...)).  I presume
it's on alioth, but where, exactly?  And the Debtagsd.py script in
cgi-bin makes reference to a python module, Config -- but I can't find
it in SVN...

I was looking into this because I noticed that the tag cloud was giving
an error about having packages tagged with "suite:bsd" (note the single
colon), and I wanted to fix this.  I found that I could pull up a list
of such packages by directly querying the cgi-bin script, but after
changing ~20 packages, the cgi-bin results didn't seem to change, so I
wanted to find lower-level access to the database.

Any assistance with these matters would help me to continue tagging
packages, and hopefully helping out in other ways.


Jesse Weinstein

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