debtags defunct?

MK halfcountplus at
Thu Aug 12 17:02:48 UTC 2010

Hi!  I'm a volunteer intern at the Free Software Foundation.   Recently
I converted the FSF's existing "Free Software Directory":

Into a 6500 page mediawiki based site.  The next stage of this, as
planned by the FSF, is (hopefully) to use debtags to add pages to the
site based on the current (debian derived) Gnusense distribution.  

However, as the person responsible for the work, it seems to me that
debtags is no longer being developed/was abandoned.   I have
examined the last CVS release and the online documentation, but have
been having some trouble figuring out how this can be applied to suit
our purposes -- if that is possible.

Any advice or thoughts anyone has would be much appreciated -- I notice
there is no activity on this list, so I'm also looking to see if anyone
is available to answer specific questions as they arise.  I'm proficient
with C/C++, perl, et al.

Sincerely, Mark Eriksen

MK <halfcountplus at>

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