debtags defunct?

Tássia Camões tassia at
Thu Aug 26 20:04:37 UTC 2010


I've been following the discussion, even tough I don't have that much
to contribute :)

2010/8/26 MK <halfcountplus at>:
> Alright -- it is just not immediately obvious to me what information
> there is part of debtags, there is nothing presented in the form of
> the facet::tag.  So while there are a bunch of tags to be found this
> way:

Could you please copy and paste here the result of your commands?
I've done it as you mentioned and got the same tags for both commands.

With `debtags cat | grep gimp` you get not only gimp tags, but also
other packages with gimp in their names. And running `debtags show
gimp` you have the following lines just below the project homepage:

"Tag: implemented-in::c, interface::x11, role::program,
scope::application, suite::gimp, suite::gnu, uitoolkit::gtk,
use::editing, works-with-format::gif, works-with-format::jpg,
works-with-format::pdf, works-with-format::png,
works-with-format::tiff, works-with::image, works-with::image:raster,
works-with::text, x11::application"

Which seems to be ok, no?



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