debtags defunct?

Tássia Camões tassia at
Fri Aug 27 15:49:22 UTC 2010

Hi Mark!

2010/8/27 MK <halfcountplus at>:
> Actually I used grep "gimp: ", which means you just get babygimp and
> gimp.  Anyway, I *do not* get this "Tag: " field in the output at all,
> using the distro debtags pkg installed via apt-get, on either Ubuntu
> 9.10, or Gnusense.  So the output from "debtags show gimp" is, I am
> pretty sure, the exact same as the output I would have gotten from
> "apt-cache show gimp" *before I ever installed debtags*.  Enrico
> mentioned that debtags and apt now produce the same output -- is this
> because debtags was supposed to modify apt somehow, and "debtags show"
> just calls apt-cache show?  I am not sure how likely that is, but if so
> then apparently it has not affected apt-get, so "debtags show" does not
> provide any debtags data at all on those two systems!

Enrico, please correct me if I say anything wrong :)

When debtags were created, tags information were not part of the
Packages files, which are the sources for 'apt-cache show'. This fact
justified the creation of the command 'debtags show' which should have
the same exit as the previous one, but would also consider the tags
database and add those info. Since those data were incorporated to the
Packages file, I believe that debtags doesn't not fetch data from the
database anymore. And both commands produce the same thing.

I believe that the inconsistency we are facing is due to how the
Packages files for those systems are produced. It seems that they
don't have tags info.

Could you check your files at /var/lib/apt/lists/?

[ ]'s


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