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Enrico Zini enrico at
Mon Jan 2 10:28:42 UTC 2012

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 07:45:17PM +0100, Thibaut VARENE wrote:

> - tagainijisho and tagainijisho-* are the packages that have been wiped out.
> - boinc-app-milkyway has been reverted
> - gaim-otr (a long-removed-from-the-archive package) is back in the list
> that's about it, i think.

Thanks! Please have a look: all the missing changes should be back now.

What happened is this: the new site at was using a
new data source for the package database, which I didn't notice hadn't
been updated since november. Although I fixed it and now it is up to
date again, the new website got rid of the tags for those new packages
that it thought didn't exist.

I've now restored the old tag database from backup, took note of all
packages marked not-yet-tagged in the new site and copied over their
tags from backups.

I've also double checked that the patches you submitted are still up for
review for inclusion in the stable tag dataset, and they are. Those
should reack ftp-master in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for raising the issue! Quite a few contributions would have been
lost if you hadn't noticed this.



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