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Mon Jan 2 12:16:05 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jan 02, 2012 at 12:45:08PM +0100, Thibaut VARENE wrote:

> Just to be clear, I don't think you got the very last version of the
> tags. Some tags are back, some aren't. I'm currently fixing them
> quickly.

Thanks. There could well be some spurious ones, caused by the autotagger
adding tags during the time it thought it wasn't yet tagged.

> By the way, I see new strange messages on some of my packages, such as:
> "implemented-in::* tags are rarely (0.994%) used in this way"
> I can't make sense of this particular one for instance, which applies
> to tagainijisho (tagged as "implemented-in::c++")

Those are statistically generated suggestions that are to be taken with
a grain of salt.

I guess that in this case it's seeing "made-of::*" tags, that make it
think that it could be a data package, for which "implemented-in::*"
tags generally don't apply.

I have it in my todo list to provide some explanation for the tips: how
are they generated, what kind of guess they are making, and how
seriously they should be taken.



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