hardware:: tag matching lib plans

Michael Vogt mvo at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 16 08:30:41 UTC 2012


for the software-center I'm currently looking into building a lib that
can match a debtag hardware:: tag (like hardware::storage:dvd) to the
capabilities of the actual computer. This will allow us to show
information in the GUI like: "This software requires a touchscreen,
but the computer does not have one." [2]

For this I would like to talk about some new tags that look useful in
this context:

Tag: hardware::input:touchscreen
Description: Requires a touchscreen input

Tag: hardware::storage:cd:writer
Description: Compact Disc writer
(or hardware::storage:cd-writer ?)

Tag: hardware::storage:dvd:writer
Description: Digital Versatile Disc writer

Here are two more that are a little more difficult. The tag would
embed a number that the lib parses then. I'm not sure how well that
fits into the general schema of debtags. If its does not fit I wonder
if it could be done as a private extension to the system? Would we
prefix it in some special way?

Tag: hardware::memory:{1,2,4,8}GB
Description: Requires at least N amount of RAM 

Tag: hardware::video:opengl:{2,3,4.1,4.2}
Description: Requires at least N opengl level to run

Thanks and looking forward to your feedback,

[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/software-center/python-halali
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter#Hardware_requirements

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