Feedback on a new system::* set of tags

Enrico Zini enrico at
Sat Jan 28 15:23:50 UTC 2012

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 02:26:51PM +0100, Axel Beckert wrote:

> > we are talking about a proposal[1] for a new Debtags facet for
> > "Class of system" (laptop, mobile, server, cloud, embedded...]
> > 
> > [1]
> I miss system::virtual in this list.

Indeed it is missing. I could not do much better than this for the
description, since Wikipedia takes it from a different angle (it does
not have 'Virtual computer' but it has 'Hardware virtualization').
Improvements welcome.

  Tag: system::virtual
  Description: Virtual
   A virtual computer hides the physical characteristics of a computing
   from users, instead showing another abstract computing platform.



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