Interface::x11 vs X11::application

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Mon Jun 8 19:04:32 UTC 2015

[@Enrico] Please reply to this message, the other was sent from the
wrong adress 

> I thought of a trick that can help with renaming tags:
>  1. Add the new tag to the vocabulary, wait a day for the site to pick
>     it up.
>  2. Add the new tag to all packages that have the old tag:
>     $ wget
>     $ tagcoll grep old::tag unstable-tags -i|sed -e 's/$/: +new::tag/' > /tmp/patch
>     $ debtags-submit-patch /tmp/patch
>  3. Verify on the website that the packages do have the new tag.
>  4. Remove the old tag from the vocabulary.

I followed your steps and it worked well. However, after 4.) I do not
know, where the patch went. The result does not show on the
debtags-editor. Probably it has to be reviewed manually, but I don't
have a login at the review portal. 

Enrico: can you tell us, where the tag-data is ultimately stored
( seems not a Debian machine)? Which file does the
web-based editor work on (the results are instantly visible). Which file
does patched submitted through debtags-submit-patch go to?

I would like the updated tag data to be processed quickly so I can
remove x11::application and interface::x11 without a lot of new tagging
happening in between.

Best regards


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