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Wed Jul 15 22:12:01 UTC 2009

Author: hertzog
Date: Wed Jul 15 22:12:00 2009
New Revision: 73

URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/?sc=1&rev=73
Recommend description lines to be shorter than 80 characters


Modified: web/deps/dep3.mdwn
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep3.mdwn?rev=73&op=diff
--- web/deps/dep3.mdwn (original)
+++ web/deps/dep3.mdwn Wed Jul 15 22:12:00 2009
@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@
     branding patch) when that is the case. If the patch has been submitted
     upstream but has been rejected, the description should also document
     why it's kept and what were the reasons for the reject.
+    It's recommended to keep each line shorter than 80 characters.
   * `Origin` (required)

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