[Dict-common-dev] Re: ispell-french dict, new version

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:40:52 +0200

Nicolas SABOURET wrote:
> Nicolas SABOURET a écrit:
>> OK, thanks for your answer. I'm ready for the great upload ;-)

Thanks a lot.

> Just one more question: why did you make the ifrench package depend on =

> debconf ?
> ispell pre-depends on dict-common which already depends on debconf. rig=
ht ?

That is probably redundant unless you need a debconf version higher that 
one specified. It is funny how that went in probably all the 
dictionaries we prepared, although in some cases due to the requirement 
of a recent version. That probably had we all hardcoded somewhere in the 
brain  during dicts build. As a matter of fact I have checked the policy 
document to see whether we put it there, and there is no explicit trace 
of that requisite.

By the way with respect to Pre-Depends we are considering to lower that 
dependency to a simple Depends, that seems to be enough, but we still 
have to discuss that.

I am cc'ing this reply to the dict-common list to see if anybody sees a 
reason for an explicit dependency on unversioned debconf debconf in IDWP.



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