[Dict-common-dev] Deadline for Ispell dics and wordlist transition to new-policy is close

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:05:34 +0200

Hi all,

Hot news from the dictionaries-common project:

The transition to the new policy for ispell dictionaries and
wordlist packages will start soon, although it will be
delayed to October. The exact date is still to be confirmed
but expect some date in the middle of October.

This is a tentative roadmap for the transition:

   1) At the deadline, a bug with severity wishlist is filed against
      all ispell dictionaries and wordlist packages (IDWP). At that
      time all IDWP can be uploaded to Debian, *closing* their
      associated bug.

   2) Some days after that deadline dictionaries-common packages are
      uploaded to debian. They need some more days to make its place
      in the global override file.

   3) As soon as dictionaries-common packages are accepted bug
      severity is raised to serious for all IDWP still not uploaded.

   4) Time for NMU if required

In about one week deadline will be confirmed, so there is time to
receive your feedback.

If you expect not being able to upload your package(s) short
after the deadline we could do that on your behalf. That would
help us to coordinate the transition. The same if you prefer the
package currently at sourceforge be uploaded by us with minor
changes, but remember that this requires your prior agreement
with the packages currently at sourceforge. In any case, if you
have trouble, please contact us through the dict-common-dev mailing
list, so we know you are not MIA.

If the package at sourceforge was not built by you, and you decide
to prepare the package from that one, please remember removing in
the control file the 'Bugs:' line and the notes about the
experimental character of the package and make sure that the
'Maintainer' field has the appropiate value.

In the meantime, please test the system as much as you can. There
are surely some hidden bugs, and we will find some more after the
transition starts, but the most we find before the better. Remember
that we have at the sourceforge staging area packages for nearly
all old style ispell dictionary and wordlist packages (there is
some very new one that might not be there).

As we previously told, please do not upload any old
style ispell dictionary or wordlist packages to Debian in the
meantime. That will confuse the transition. Also let us know
whether you will not be ready at the transition time, and in such
case, what can we do with respect to your packages. Note that
after the new ispell and dictionaries-common are uploaded to Debian
all previous ispell dictionaries and wordlists will become

If you are still not subscribed to the dict-common-dev mailing list at
sourceforge, that is the best way to get in touch with us and discuss
the final details of the transition.

Remember that the project page is at:


Your dictionaries-common team:

Rafael Laboissičre,
David Coe,
Agustín Martín Domingo