[Dict-common-dev] Deadline for Ispell dics and wordlist transition to new-policy is close

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:39:25 +0200

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
 >>What about these dates?
 >>- Friday October 11th: Start filing bugs
 >>- Monday October 14th: Start the transition
 >>- Thursday or Friday of that week: Uploading dictionaries-common{-dev}
 >>  to Debian
 > Sounds good to me.

I am preparing a final announce whose draft I include, as well as a text
to be used for bug submission. Comments are welcome



The final announce:
Hi all,

As promised, these are the dates for the ispell dictionaries
and wordlist packages (IDWP) transition to the new policy:

    1) On Friday October 11th, bugs with severity wishlist will be
       filed against IDWP. Bugs will not be filed against packages
       whose maintainer delegated on us to upload the package
       currently at sourceforge.

    2) On Monday October 14th, the real transition will start, and
       from that time on all IDWP can be uploaded to Debian,
       *closing* their associated bug.

    3) On Thursday or Friday of the same week, dictionaries-common
       packages are uploaded to Debian. They need some more days to
       make its place in the global override file.

    4) As soon as dictionaries-common packages are accepted bug
       severity is raised to serious for all IDWP still not uploaded.

    5) Time for NMU if required

You might have seen in the policy document that some aspell stuff
has been added to it. That refers mainly to documentation spread
across aspell and pspell manuals, that has now been put together in
the policy document. If your package also provides an aspell
dictionary, do not worry, this deadline does not affect the aspell
part, that can be worked later.

Some reminders from previous messages:

If you expect not being able to upload your package(s) short
after the deadline we could do that on your behalf. That would ...

... + The same text as in previous message


The bug text (s/$i/package-name/)
Subject: Please update your $i package to IDWP new policy

Package: $i
Severity: wishlist

Transition to new policy on ispell dictionaries and wordlist
packages (IDWP) will start next monday October 14th. You should
have received more information by mail. If that is not the case,
please complain.

For more details, please look at the project page at:


and update your package '$i' accordingly. Remember closing this
bug report when uploading your new policy compliant packages to

On October 17th or 18th packages 'dictionaries-common' and
'dictionaries-common-dev' will be uploaded to Debian. Since they
are new packages they will need some days before they make their
way into the Debian archive.

Once that packages are accepted the new policy will become fully
official. For that reason if there is no updated '$i' package at
that time the severity of this bug report will be raised to

Hope you like the new system

The dict-common team

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(U. Politecnica de Madrid)  tel: +34 91-336-6536, Fax: +34 91-336-6554,
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