[Dict-common-dev] Re: po-debconf and dictionaries-common

Agustin Martin Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 15:46:20 +0100

Robert Luberda wrote:
> Oh yes, I remember, I had that problem too. But it wasn't a big problem 
> for me, I very quickly found a (hacky) solution.
> I just renamed templates.in back to templates, than run
> debocnf-gettextize, manually changed path in 
> po/POTFILES.in, and renamed templates back to templates.in.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

When I saw the problem with debconf-gettextize I did not check much 
further. Just thought about setting symlinks as $package.templates for 
creating the po files with debconf-gettextize and work as usual later, 
but I found that more a hack than anything else, and it still gave the 
warnings about the templates.ll files. I naively expected if things were 
manually set to use the .in files, po2debconf would look at 
po/POTFILES.in before getting the strings and would not work properly.

Now that after your mail I am checking things more carefully I see that 
the way you did also works with debconf-updatepo, and that po2debconf 
gets a localized string if present in the po files, even if assigned to 
a different file or to a file not present in po/POTFILES.in, so the only 
thing that really does not work is debconf-gettextize, besides the 
warning about the templates.ll files.

Regarding the warning issue and the other things, In 0.9.3 I added the 
experimental setup based on a $package.po-master.templates file, that 
can be debconf-gettextize'd and maintained the usual way and that fixes 
the warning message. If that file is found, installdeb-{wordlist,ispell} 
will internally call po2debconf. I think this is cleaner than manually 
fixing things (this only require merged templates be renamed to 
$package.po-master.templates, and then be debconf-gettextized as usual).

Since your polish package is the only ispell dict or wordlist package 
that currently uses po-debconf, we are in time to change anything in the 
implementation or remove it if is found to be an overkill.

P.D. I am cc'ing the dict-common mailing list for archival.


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