[Dict-common-dev] ispell dicts compatibility for enchant (a sucessor for ispell)

Agustin Martin Domingo agmartin@debian.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:44:28 +0100

Hi, Masayuki,

I first thought about sending this (setting the symlinks described
below) as a bug (wishlist) report, but probably needs more discussion,
so I am cc'ing the Debian dictionaries-common mailing list as well as
ispell maintainer and some other probably interested developers to have
more feedback.

For those that do not know about it, enchant is a spellchecking portable
library similar to what pspell was, but with more possible backends,
developed by the abiword people, but that may be used by other projects.


Current debian ispell dictionaries were decided to be compatible with
pspell. For that reason they should work out of the box with enchant if
a simple /usr/share/enchant/ispell -> /usr/lib/ispell symlink is placed
in libenchant1 package and some names are adjusted there (symlinks are
enough, see below). I think this is desirable as a first approximation
and probably  as a stable solution, but I would like to know other
people view about this. If this is chosen, should be referred to in
libenchant1 package README file, and its README.ispell probably be
modified so people does not try to look for dictionaries at other sites.

By the way, at some time in the future ispell will be upgraded to 3.2
(this is not expected for sarge) and compatibility will be broken. Minor
changes in the ispell enchant code might at that time fix the
compatibility issues (this will require some prior checks), so we all
will need to be in sync for that upgrade

I am adding at the end of this message the enchant ispell mapping, so
interested developers can find bugs there or add to their packages new
symlinks to match the names there. It would have been desirable if that
is read from an external data file instead of hardcoded in
ispell_checker.cpp file so it could be updated by ispell dict packages
without recompiling enchant.


enchant ispell mapping follows:

	{"ca"    ,"catala.hash"         ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"ca_ES" ,"catala.hash"         ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"cs"    ,"czech.hash"          ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"cs_CZ" ,"czech.hash"          ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"da"    ,"dansk.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"da_DK" ,"dansk.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"de"    ,"deutsch.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"de_CH" ,"swiss.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"de_AT" ,"deutsch.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"de_DE" ,"deutsch.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"el"    ,"ellhnika.hash"       ,"iso-8859-7" },
	{"el_GR" ,"ellhnika.hash"       ,"iso-8859-7" },
	{"en"    ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_AU" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_BZ" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_CA" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_GB" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_IE" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_JM" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_NZ" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_TT" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_ZA" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_ZW" ,"british.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_PH" ,"american.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"en_US" ,"american.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"eo"    ,"esperanto.hash"      ,"iso-8859-3" },
	{"es"    ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_AR" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_BO" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_CL" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_CO" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_CR" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_DO" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_EC" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_ES" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_GT" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_HN" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_MX" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_NI" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_PA" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_PE" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_PR" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_PY" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_SV" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_UY" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"es_VE" ,"espanol.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fi"    ,"finnish.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fi_FI" ,"finnish.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr"    ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_BE" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_CA" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_CH" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_FR" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_LU" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"fr_MC" ,"francais.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"hu"    ,"hungarian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"hu_HU" ,"hungarian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"ga"    ,"irish.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"ga_IE" ,"irish.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"gl"    ,"galician.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"gl_ES" ,"galician.hash"       ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"ia"    ,"interlingua.hash"    ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"it"    ,"italian.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"it_IT" ,"italian.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"it_CH" ,"italian.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"la"    ,"mlatin.hash"         ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"la_IT" ,"mlatin.hash"         ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"lt"    ,"lietuviu.hash"       ,"iso-8859-13" },
	{"lt_LT" ,"lietuviu.hash"       ,"iso-8859-13" },
	{"nl"    ,"nederlands.hash"     ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nl_NL" ,"nederlands.hash"     ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nl_BE" ,"nederlands.hash"     ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nb"    ,"norsk.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nb_NO" ,"norsk.hash"          ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nn"    ,"nynorsk.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"nn_NO" ,"nynorsk.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"pl"    ,"polish.hash"         ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"pl_PL" ,"polish.hash"         ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"pt"    ,"brazilian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"pt_BR" ,"brazilian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"pt_PT" ,"portugues.hash"      ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"ru"    ,"russian.hash"        ,"koi8-r" },
	{"ru_MD" ,"russian.hash"        ,"koi8-r" },
	{"ru_RU" ,"russian.hash"        ,"koi8-r" },
	{"sc"    ,"sardinian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"sc_IT" ,"sardinian.hash"      ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"sk"    ,"slovak.hash"         ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"sk_SK" ,"slovak.hash"         ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"sl"    ,"slovensko.hash"      ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"sl_SI" ,"slovensko.hash"      ,"iso-8859-2" },
	{"sv"    ,"svenska.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"sv_SE" ,"svenska.hash"        ,"iso-8859-1" },
	{"uk"    ,"ukrainian.hash"      ,"koi8-u" },
	{"uk_UA" ,"ukrainian.hash"      ,"koi8-u" },
	{"yi"    ,"yiddish-yivo.hash"   ,"utf-8" }