[Dict-common-dev] ispell dicts compatibility for enchant (a sucessor for pspell)

Agustin Martin Domingo agustin.martin@hispalinux.es
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:54:23 +0100

Agustin Martin Domingo wrote:
> Current debian ispell dictionaries were decided to be compatible with
> pspell. For that reason they should work out of the box with enchant if=

> a simple /usr/share/enchant/ispell -> /usr/lib/ispell symlink is placed=

> in libenchant1 package and some names are adjusted there (symlinks are
> enough, see below). I think this is desirable as a first approximation
> and probably  as a stable solution, but I would like to know other
> people view about this.=20

The other possibility would be symlinks from /usr/share/enchant/ispell=20
to dicts under /usr/lib/ispell, to be provided by each ispell dictionary =

package, e.g.,

/usr/share/enchant/ispell/espanol.hash -> /usr/lib/ispell/espa~nol.hash

using the names found in ispell_checker.cpp.

With the current values in ispell_checker.cpp, I am afraid this is the=20
way to go, since in Debian norwegian ispell dictionary, norsk can be=20
chosen either as bokm=E5l or as nynorsk, while in ispell_checker.cpp nors=
is hardcoded as bokm=E5l (that is what nb_NO means). Having these per=20
package symlinks seems more flexible than having a single symlink at=20
libenchant1 package, but puts a bit more noise in each ispell dict packag=

What do you think?

(Please, reply to the list, no need to cc me)