[Dict-common-dev] [help] French dicts for ispell

Agustin Martin agustin.martin@hispalinux.es
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 22:43:55 +0200

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 02:59:31PM +0200, Nicolas Sabouret wrote:
> Hi,

Hi, Nico

> I put in test.txt the words:
> coeur c?ur oeuvre ?uvre
> "ispell test.txt" works as supposed to : coeur and oeuvre are detected=20
> as errors. However, ispell does not suggest the latin0 version. My 1st=20
> question is : is there a way to tell ispell that oe is often an=20
> ill-typed ? ?

I think ispell has all that stuff hardcoded, while aspell has some langua=
dependent phonetic code for that purpose that is configurable, and also
myspell, although it calls that replacements
> "ispell -T latin1 test.txt" does not work as supposed : coeur and oeuvr=
> are rejected while c?ur and ?uvre are accepted. Why ?

May be is a problem of encodings at my site (plain latin1), but in the la=
section I see (=BD is the oe in one letter)

altstringchar	=BD		=BD

while you probably want something like

altstringchar	oe		=BD

and the equivalent for uppercase OE.