[Dict-common-dev] MySpell hyphenation patterns

Rene Engelhard rene@debian.org
Thu, 8 Jan 2004 15:46:08 +0100

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Agustin Martin Domingo wrote:
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> >Ih have patches for ifrench / ifrench-gut ready to build the
> >dictionaries from the ispell ones directly which was how the zip was
> >created anyhow. This was possible only now that we have alibmyspell-dev
> >in unstable which incidentially contains a script which was made for
> >converting ifrench-gut :-)
> Just for info, some time ago I was playing to write an aff converter and=
> put it at
> http://corbu.aq.upm.es/~agmartin/linux/store/ispell2myspell
> It is a bit naive and somewhat unfinished perl script, but seems to work=
> and do what is expected from it, including hardcoded support for latin1,=
> latin2 and latin3 lc/uc conversion (it can also rely on locales for=20
> this, but this might result in problems if the right locale is not=20
> installed), as well as optional flag split into chunks for flags having=
> too many entries. It currently allows only alphabetic flags and also=20
> requires an external header file with the myspell header, something like

$ dpkg -L libmyspell-dev | grep bin | grep spell

I could add your script here, too..


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