[Dict-common-dev] MySpell hyphenation patterns

Fabrice Lorrain (home) fabrice.lorrain@chello.fr
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 16:42:18 +0100

[most personnals CCs removed]

Nicolas Sabouret a écrit :

> Hi,
> I did not upload the package yet but they are available on my web page. 
> Here are the addresses :
> http://www-oasis.lip6.fr/~sabouret/debian/ifrench_1.4-16_i386.deb
> http://www-oasis.lip6.fr/~sabouret/debian/myspell-fr_1.4-16_all.deb
> http://www-oasis.lip6.fr/~sabouret/debian/ifrench-gut_1.0-14_i386.deb
> http://www-oasis.lip6.fr/~sabouret/debian/myspell-fr-gut_1.0-14_all.deb
> Please test them as mush as you can and report bugs (directly to me) 
> before I upload (hopefully on wednesday).
> Thanks,
>     Nico.

Hi Nicolas,

I installed the *-gut dictionnaries. Seems to works well both in OOo and 
Mozilla (sid box uptodate). Do you plan to upload soon ?

whishlist : removing the conflict between the gutemberg and the 
not-gutemberg version, so people can test/use both.

[OT], any .ps/.pdf version of your doc :