[Dict-common-dev] (Not) available aspell dictionaries

Christoph Berg cb@df7cb.de
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:34:10 +0100

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Re: Brian Nelson in <20050124061445.GB8226@bignachos.com>
> * Aspell 0.60 in Debian.  0.60 adds support for a lot more languages
>   than were supported by 0.50 and earlier versions.

That's why I compiled the list.

> * The arch-dependent nature of the dictionaries.  Many compiled
>   dictionaries are huge (> 20 MB) and currently all dictionary packages
>   are arch-dependent.  If the average dictionary package is 10MB, 10 MB
>   * 12 arches * 39 dictionaries =3D 4680MB.  That's a very big hit on the
>   mirrors for something that is avoidable.  We need to make dictionary
>   packages Arch: all.

That's too much, right.

> * Lack of packaging coordination.  I've been planning to improve the
>   coordination of dictionary packaging.  Ideally, I'd like to be a
>   co-maintainer of all dictionary packages (since often I'm concerned
>   with packaging) but have at least one native speaker be a
>   co-maintainer of each package as well (since I'm monolingual and can't
>   easily test the packages or handle bug reports).

A test suite would be nice, with texts with typos and correct
versions. Count me in for helping with coordination. (I'm (still) in
the NM queue.)

> I would hold off on all of these until the above issues are resolved.


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