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Mashrab Kuvatov kmashrab at sat.physik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Jul 28 10:09:10 UTC 2005

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Subject: Re: Sponsor request for aspell-uz
Date: Thursday 28 July 2005 01:32
From: Brian Nelson <pyro at debian.org>
To: debian-mentors at lists.debian.org

Mashrab Kuvatov <kmashrab at sat.physik.uni-bremen.de> writes:
> On Thursday 28 July 2005 00:34, Brian Nelson wrote:
>> Mashrab Kuvatov <kmashrab at sat.physik.uni-bremen.de> writes:
>> > I added language name in Uzbek into Language section. Is it correct
> now?
>> Well, you should also specify Casechars, Not-Casechars, and
> They are optional, aren't they? Anyway, ... (see below)

They are optional, but the defaults aren't correct for the language.

>> Coding-System.
> It has been specified as utf-8. Is it OK?
>> Otherwise, AIUI, emacs won't find the correct word
>> boundaries...
> this dictionary is for Uzbek written in Cyrillic i.e. utf8. Does Emacs
> support
> utf8? Can I fill those fields with utf8 chars?

Uhhh, I think so.  You should ask the dictionaries-common maintainers to
be sure though.

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