[Dict-common-dev] [Fwd: Bug#283948: Please integrate squirrelmail with dictionaries-common]

Agustin Martin agustin.martin@hispalinux.es
Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:41:20 +0100

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On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 04:41:16PM +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

> Perhaps it would be possible to create a plain textfile just like
> ispell-default, ie ispell-available, which has a number of lines in the
> same format as ispell-default which can be easily read by any application
> wanting to use that information, no Perl modules required.


I am playing with a file in the dictionaries-common cache dir,


that currently contains all the language entries. I guess that it should be
stripped of e.g. tex entries, but currently has all. Still not uploaded, I
have something previous to upload that is waiting for the current sid
package be pushed into sarge by the release team (it will pass today).

Once I upload the previous version I will take care of this. Since is a
trivial change I think the release team will not oppose to accepting these
changes into sarge (dictionaries-common is currently frozen), once elapsed
a reasonable testing period.

I am attaching the file as is in my testing box, so you can take a look and
propose entries removal rules from it (or think about how to do that at your
side, if found more convenient)



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american (American English)
bokm=C3=A5l (Bokmal Norwegian)
british (British English)
castellano (Spanish Tex mode)
castellano-utf8 (Spanish utf-8)
castellano8 (Spanish 8 bit)
deutsch (New German -tex mode-)
deutsch (New German 8 bit)
deutsch (Swiss German -tex mode-)
deutsch (Swiss German 8 bit)
esperanto (Esperanto)
esperanto-tex (Esperanto TeX)
francais Hydro-Quebec (French Hydro-Quebec)
francais Hydro-Quebec latin1 (French Hydro-Quebec)
galego-minimos (Galician-minimos)
nederlands (Dutch)
nynorsk (New Norwegian)
polish (Polish)
portugues brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
russian (Russian koi8-r)
suomi (Finnish Medium)
tagalog (Tagalog Filipino)