[Docker-maint] Bug#756416: archive/tar is broken with respect to PAX headers

Tianon Gravi admwiggin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 16:36:31 UTC 2014

Package: src:golang
Severity: important

>From upstream[1]:
> "archive/tar: reuse temporary buffer in writeHeader" introduced a
> change which was supposed to help lower the number of allocations from
> 512 bytes for every call to writeHeader. This change broke the writing
> of PAX headers.
> writeHeader calls writePAXHeader and writePAXHeader calls writeHeader
> again. writeHeader will end up writing the PAX header twice.
> ...
> This commit adds a dedicated buffer for pax headers to the Writer
> struct. This change increases the size of the struct by 512 bytes, but
> allows tar/writer to avoid allocating 512 bytes for all written
> headers and it avoids allocating 512 more bytes for pax headers.

I've attached a patch for the package to include this to complement our
previous patches. :)

- Tianon

[1]: https://code.google.com/p/go/source/detail?r=1b17b3426e3c281a973d2d7bbf235b936d6a0942
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