[Docker-maint] docker.io failed to build from source on arm64

Itaru Kitayama itaru.kitayama at riken.jp
Wed Nov 26 07:23:09 UTC 2014

Hi Tianon,

Thanks! The thread really helps me to understand the situation.


On 11/26/14 3:56 PM, Tianon Gravi wrote:
> On 25 November 2014 at 23:18, Itaru Kitayama <itaru.kitayama at riken.jp> wrote:
>> I can not dpkg-buildpakcage -aarm64 -b -us -uc for docker.io included in
>> 14.10 as golang is
>> uninstallable. I wonder if instead gccgo can be used in the control file.
> See https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/9207 for the tracker
> upstream where the work to support Docker+gccgo is currently ongoing.
> :)
> ♥,
> - Tianon
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