[Docker-maint] Bug#780355: please communicate with the community, not the bug trackers

Matthias Klose doko at debian.org
Tue Mar 31 19:57:41 UTC 2015

Hi Tianon,

Paul Tag* pointed out your replies to these bug reports and to the launchpad
report #1392094.  I didn't see these until now, so it would be better to
communicate with the community, and not the bug trackers.  For the future, please

 - always CC the bug submitter in debian, if you want that the
   bug submitter sees you replies.  You can do that using either
   the original mail, or by mailing <bug#>-submitter at bugs.debian.org.

 - the launchpad report #1392094 is a closed report. Usually these
   reports get even less attention than open reports.  Feel free to
   open a new one (using the gccgo-5 package for gccgo specific things).

 - please don't mix things in bug reports.  Is there a go specific ML
   in Debian? If not, feel free to suggest one. In the meantime, you
   can reach the Debian GCC maintainers at debian-gcc at lists.debian.org,
   or you may want to use use debian-toolchain at lists.debian.org until
   you found a new home.

I'll reply to various issues in follow-up emails.


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