[Docker-maint] [pkg-go] Guidance for packaging Docker for Debian

Ian Campbell ijc at debian.org
Thu Mar 15 13:42:26 UTC 2018

On Thu, 2018-03-15 at 12:52 +0000, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> I sometimes have kept small dependencies vendored in for
> convenience..
> But keeping the whole containerd seems wrong to me.

OTOH it _might_ not be totally unreasonable to apply that tactic to
swarmkit which in essence has a single consumer (docker engine).

> In an ideal world, we should try to convince the docker people to use
> stable APIs (that means using only released non-alpha versions!),

FWIW the engine uses a non-alpha version in recent releases. It seems
to be swarmkit (another dep of engine) which is lagging and using the
alpha version (kind of interesting that that code seems to be ok when
vendored into moby but apparantly not when standalone, I suppose they
use different subsets of the API in different ways).

I think now that containerd v1.0.0 is out and given the stated API
guarentees containerd is making[0] the problem will be less bad in the
future at least wrt this particular set of components since there
ougtn't to be build breakage from using a "too new" version of
container within a given major release series.

Ian (full-disclosure: Docker is my $dayjob, although I'm not much
involved with this end of things).

[0] https://github.com/containerd/containerd/blob/master/RELEASES.md

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