[Docker-maint] [pkg-go] Guidance for packaging Docker for Debian

Ian Campbell ijc at debian.org
Fri Mar 23 10:35:59 UTC 2018

On Thu, 2018-03-22 at 16:51 +0700, Arnaud Rebillout wrote:
> For more details, the error I get when trying to build swarmkit against
> containerd v1.0.2 is:

(disclaimer: this is all my personal opinion only, not official advice)

I think a bunch of the problems you are having are with the build of
the `swarmd` binary. That's not something I would expect Debian users
to want to use (it's more of a development aid) and hence something
which I think doesn't need to be packaged. The real purpose for
packaging swarmkit is to satisfy the dependencies of the moby/Docker
engine build i.e. to provide the library parts.

If you disable the build of the output binaries in swarmkit and treat
it as a pure "library" package I reckon a lot of your troubles will go

The current set of binaries appear to be "swarmd swarmctl swarm-bench
swarm-rafttool protoc-gen-gogoswarm". I think you should drop "swarmd
swarmctl" and I think "swarm-bench" too.

I pressume you'll have to keep protoc-gen-gogoswarm for the build to
work, but that shouldn't have any problematic depenencies.

That leaves "swarm-rafttool" which I'm not sure about, it looks like it
would be useful for debugging Docker in swarm mode issues in the field.
I'd say if it doesn't cause problems keep it, but at the first sign of
complexity dump it.


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