[File-rc-users] Bless you,

Sephora Rango sthh3 at zaw.att.ne.jp
Sat Oct 23 11:42:56 UTC 2010

Bless you,

Miss Sephora Rango.
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

I want to seek your lovely care and help to come over to your country to stay, continue my education and investment my inheritance fund. 

I am a God fearing girl of 21 years Miss Sephora Rango the only born of my father late Mr. James Rango a successful business man and the Director of Cocoa Export Corporation of D'Ivoire. Life is difficult for me now after several attacks by unknown men to shoot me to death.
An Investigations where made that one of them was caught and it happened to be my late fathers manager and my uncle. They planed to kill me in other to inherit all my father's assets.

My father's lawyer now handed over to me a document of my late father’s money deposited in the bank which is the sum of US$8.5 million and suggested or advised me to fly out with this money to a foreign country to invest the money and stay to continue my education for my safety. 

Please this is urgent and I need you to help me complete the transaction and also help me to transfer the fund in your account to enable me come over to your country.


Miss. Sephora Rango

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