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William N. Gamel internetcafe at tristateplasticsonline.com
Sun Apr 3 23:34:08 UTC 2011


I am writing you today about a transaction involving 10.2 Million US Dollars, where you stand to make 25% of this money for your help.

My name is William Nabil Gamel; I am 18 years old and the only son of Dr. Henry Samir Gamel, the former director of Pyramid Petroleum a major petroleum company in the middle east with branches in Egypt, The U.A.E and Saudi Arabia.

My father was a vocal opposition leader during the recent uprising in Egypt and was killed by Hosni Mubarak’s secret police in January.

Since his death, my uncles have taken over our house and forcefully his business also with a treat to kill us all if we resist or complain. 

Unknown to them my father has a cash deposit in a private vault in Europe which he kept in my name as a security for our family should anything happen to him as my mother in deceased. She died during the birth of my sister four years ago.

As I do not have a passport or any way to access these funds in this hired vault, hence I seek your help with:

1.       Collection of the funds.
2.       Relocating from Egypt to your country or a safe country in Europe.
3.       Assist us with the purchase of a house so my two sisters and I can have a home to call our own.
4.       Getting a university place for me to further my education as I want to be a doctor.
5.       Assist us with the investment of the balance of the funds so we can have a secured future.

If you can handle these five requests, then let me know so I can discuss all the details with you and give you all the documents needed to contact the deposit company.

We really need your help and would be grateful for the rest of our life if you can help us.

Please do not look at this as a chance to just make money but also as an opportunity to save three souls.

I am sending you this message from an Internet cafe, so kindly reply to my private email address as below:

Email: wngamel at gmail.com

I am eagerly awaiting your response.


William Nabil Gamel
Cairo, Egypt.

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