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file-rc (0.8.13) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Roger Leigh ]
  * Use insserv for runlevel defaults rather than the arguments
    provided to update-rc.d.  The following changes have been made to
    - Added new shell functions insserv_find, insserv_find_internal
      to query insserv for dependency information.  These set the
      variables previously used for setting the same information from
      the command-line options, so most of the internal behaviour is
      unchanged after this point.
    - For every action which modifies the configuration file, update
      the settings for each script using the insserv defaults before
      performing the requested update.  This ensures that the
      runlevel configuration is always up to date with the current
      script dependencies.  The effect of this policy is that
      update-rc.d is really only enabling and disabling services by
      adding and removing them from runlevel.conf; everything else
      is effectively delegated to insserv and LSB dependencies.
    - The code to modify the runlevel.conf has been made into a
      shell function in order to allow it to be reused.  The first
      argument is the action to perform (add or remove).
    - start and stop runlevels for a given script are put onto
      separate lines, because it's very unlikely the numbers will
      ever be the same.
    - Added insserv2file.sh.  This is like rclink2file.sh, but
      instead of converting the /etc/rc?.d links to
      /etc/runlevel.conf, it uses the output of insserv -s.
  * Removed long obsolete logic (prior to oldstable) from maintainer
    scripts, which is no longer useful for upgrades.

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