[File-rc-users] Bug#688140: file-rc: File-rc doesn't restore rcX.d dirs at remove, breaks sysv-rc installation.

Michael Stapelberg stapelberg at debian.org
Tue Mar 5 19:28:32 UTC 2013

Hi Roger,

Sorry for replying late.

Roger Leigh <rleigh at codelibre.net> writes:
> The reason for this change is that with file-rc now using insserv
> to maintain the links in part, it is not really meaningful to
> "restore" the links.  Both file-rc and sysv-rc use insserv, and so
Could you elaborate on that, please? I don’t see where the file-rc
package invokes insserv to maintain any links. On the contrary, after
installing file-rc, /etc/rc*.d/ is deleted and there are no links at

Best regards,

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