[Foo2zjs-maintainer] A tip for you

MRS. MARY MARSHAL (CAN YOU HANDLE/ INVEST MY FUND?) mrsmmarshal1 at yahoo.it
Fri Aug 31 21:53:59 UTC 2007

Hello Dear,
Life became unbearable on the 5th of March, 2003 when my husband Chief Harry Marshall was shot dead in our home. Since then, I have been living with shock and uncertainties. You can find details of the killing of my husband on these websites:

I have mourned him based on custom and tradition of our land and I am free now to invest his fund as I would want to invest the fund in a foriegn land. Meanwhile, this is to be done under a secret arrangement just because of the government of the day here. 
I will give you details when I get your response. Respond through my personal email: 
mrsmmarshal1 at sify.com or mrsmmarshal1 at yahoo.it
May God Bless You.
Mrs. Mary Marshal.

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