[Forensics-changes] [SCM] debian-forensics/tableau-parm annotated tag, debian/0.1.0-3, created. debian/0.1.0-3

Daniel Baumann daniel at debian.org
Sun Sep 14 08:17:12 UTC 2008

The annotated tag, debian/0.1.0-3 has been created
        at  0d160537b32dafb14d5d9f9650ecf0fa10e72c39 (tag)
   tagging  72ca67930c9091a1b270408ef3370705656abb3e (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.1.0-2
 tagged by  Daniel Baumann
        on  Sun Sep 14 10:16:57 2008 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging debian version 0.1.0-3.

Daniel Baumann (6):
      Updating to standards 3.8.0.
      Upgrading package to debhelper 7.
      Sorting vcs fields in control file.
      Adding full license headers to copyright file.
      Simplyfing manpage debhelper file.
      Releasing debian version 0.1.0-3.



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