[Forensics-changes] [SCM] Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions annotated tag, debian/0.1h-5, created. debian/0.1h-5

Daniel Baumann daniel at debian.org
Fri Sep 19 06:41:02 UTC 2008

The annotated tag, debian/0.1h-5 has been created
        at  dacbd251d1509523ad42800a8eb998d449db7226 (tag)
   tagging  31cf976959d70c0ee391ce5e09bb54d9b49d7214 (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.1h-4.1
 tagged by  Daniel Baumann
        on  Fri Sep 19 08:39:32 2008 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging debian version 0.1h-5.

Daniel Baumann (19):
      New maintainer (Closes: #487731).
      Removing useless whitespaces at EOL and EOF in all debian files.
      Reverting debian changes to upstream, using dpatch to modify upstream.
      Upgrading package to debhelper 7.
      Upgrading package to standards 3.8.0.
      Adding homepage field in control file.
      Adding vcs fields in control file.
      Sorting fields in control file.
      Adding ${misc:Depends} to depends.
      Rewrapping package long-description in control file.
      Rewriting copyright file in machine-interpretable format.
      Removing not usefull README.Debian.
      Removing not usefull TODO.Debian.
      Updating author email address in copyright file.
      Removing not usefull LSM file from docs debhelper file.
      Removing patch left-over in debian directory.
      Rewriting rules file from scratch.
      Removing unused dirs debhelper file.
      Releasing debian version 0.1h-5.


Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions

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