[Forensics-changes] [SCM] debian-forensics/unhide annotated tag, debian/20110113-3, created. debian/20110113-3

Julien Valroff julien at kirya.net
Tue Oct 25 18:45:39 UTC 2011

The annotated tag, debian/20110113-3 has been created
        at  9bdd552e6dcead72d70732e77828d695014f5543 (tag)
   tagging  f9f97d34cfee216161880e406ded4858620460c5 (commit)
  replaces  debian/20110113-2
 tagged by  Julien Valroff
        on  Tue Oct 25 20:45:31 2011 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 20110113-3

Julien Valroff (5):
      arch: linux-any
      Drop some lintian overrides now that FTP Masters use lintian 2.5.0
      Use standard dh style tiny rules
      Update DEP-5 uri
      Update package description to state all 6 techniques used to detect hidden processes



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