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Monniez Christophe d-fence at
Sat Apr 26 08:44:31 UTC 2008

Le mardi 01 janvier 2008 à 11:28 +0100, Daniel Baumann a écrit :
> Christophe Monniez wrote:
> > Hi all,
> Hi,
> as Christophe experienced some days ago, the git repositores of galleta
> and pasco on alioth did somehow manage to have too strong permissions
> (no group writable, in particular) which made him unable to commit on
> those two. i'm not sure how this happens, however, alioth admins kindly
> set the permissions again.
> > I corrected the two RC bugs for pasco and galleta. I think that they
> > are ready for upload.
> > Rifiuti seems ready too.
> i'll have a look at them tonight.

Thanks for that Daniel.
Because of those good news, I'm going back to work for the
debian-forensics project !

Christophe Monniez <christophe.monniez at>

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